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  • Aug162018

    Turmeric… the golden spice

    Turmeric… the golden spice Curcuma longa, more commonly known as Turmeric, has a long history of medicinal use, dating back…

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  • Jul192018

    Winter Wellness

    A note from our Naturopath on winter wellness The winter season can place added pressure and stress on the immune…

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  • Jul032018

    Yumiko ceramics

    Hand made Yumiko ceramics to enhance your tea-drinking experience Yumiko ceramics are hand made in Japan and are infused with…

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  • Jun132018


    CERAMIC CANISTERS DESIGNED TO KEEP TEA FRESH When creating the ultimate vessel to store and protect the tea we craft…

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  • May242018

    Sue Pryke joins Love Tea

    SUE PRYKE HANDMADE CERAMICS JOINS LOVE TEA We are pleased to be introducing a beautiful new range of ceramics to…

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  • May172018

    Japan welcomes love tea

    JAPAN WELCOMES LOVE TEA AT TOKYO LAUNCH EVENT To our dear friends in Japan, we are excited to announce that…

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  • Apr272018

    What is Cacao?

    WHAT IS CACAO Theobroma cacao is often referred to by its common name cacao or cocoa. This amazing tree produces…

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  • Nov082012

    Hello & Welcome

    Hello fellow tea lovers and welcome to our blog. Let me start by introducing you to the world of Love…

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  • Nov032012

    Wray Organic – Cleveland

    Since joining Wray Organic in May 2007, Scott and Marion have been part of each store opened since & are…

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  • Nov032012

    So how do you brew Love chai?

    Here are our handy brewing tips to ensure a beautiful, strong chai infusion. However, we think the best chai tea…

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