Organic Fairtrade Original Chai Tea – Tea of the Moment

Organic Fairtrade Original Chai Tea – Tea of the Moment
October 8, 2013 jp

This is the very first blend we started with 8 years ago.
It is essentially a masala Chai which is Hindu for Spice tea. Masala – meaning spice, Chai – meaning tea.

In the west everyone knows masala chai simply as chai.

The black tea is uplifting & has a slight bitterness that goes perfectly with the sweet & aromatic spices of Cinnamon and star anise.
Cardamom and Cloves, give it this really nice refreshing & subtle after taste. And finally the Ginger & Pepper have a really nice kick of spice to finish off.

 Certified Organic Certified Fairtrade Australian Made Hand blended Chai!!!


The original….. & still the best!
A delicious blend of aromatic spices and the finest Ceylon tea. Organic & fair trade, this chai is good for the planet…& good for you! Jam packed with health benefits, this blend is full of invigorating spices traditionally used to support digestive function. Sit back, relax and enjoy this earthy, warming chai tea…this is your healthy coffee alternative.

A mix of certified organic & Fairtrade ingredients. Hand blended in Australia by a young family who just LOVE tea.